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Helloooo Jemples and welcome back!!! So this post like the title states pretty obviously is all about the lovely Tanya Burr. Now between me and you I can honestly talk about her forever and words simply wouldn't be enough, she's one of my favourite youtubers and I basically just love her! She's just a packet of excitement and bubbliness waiting to explode! I've been watching her videos for a pretty long time now so like a lot of you Tanya fans out there I was sooo excited to find out that she was releasing her own brand of cosmetics Tanya Burr cosmetics yayyy!! Her line consists of lip glosses and nail varnishes which are just all so frickin amazing I'd love to buy them all! But money is an object in the real world so I'd rather not splash out the cash. These are pretty pricey as they retail at £6.99 so they are not the most affordable products out there considering a lot of Tanya's fans are quite young. Nevertheless with over 12 different shades these lip glosses have definitely become the talk of the town and I knew I had to get my hand on them!! So when I visited my local Superdrug I was in for quite the treat because they were on special offer for around £4.99. The first shade I picked up was Picnic in the park, there wasn't really a specific reason for the selection other than the fact that I've seen her wear it lots of her videos and it always looks so pretty. The other shade I picked up on a later trip was the colour Chic which is more of a nude and in my eyes the perfect nude!
 So they come in standard 8ml lip gloss sticks and have the shade written underneath, the size and the strength of the tube means they are perfect to carry around. It's quite a strong plastic which from far almost looks like glass so you're able to actually see the shade and not to forget it's really lightweight. You can tell that the whole product has been made with attention to detail and a lot of love x The lid I have to admit is one of my favourite parts of the product because it's got a little heart on the top of it! The applicator is really good, it's a flat dome shape which means that when you take it out of the stick to apply you'll have just the right amount of product on the applicator and not any excess gloss.
The colours are really pigmented and the colour payoff on the lips is surreal, this is one of the few products whose colour looks like it does in the bottle so you honestly get what you hoped for. The gloss is not sticky and is really hydrating, it has an awesome staying power I found that even after I ate the colour was on but you do definitely have to re apply during the day. Both these shades are really flattering on any skin tone and are just I guess really feminine. So this product gets a big thumbs up from me!! And with that said I'm going to end my post right here like always please like and share this post and well the whole blog. Like my facebook page for updates and I'll see you all pretty soon in my next post. Bye bye for now Jemples xx



Well Helloooo there all my Jemples! I cannot apologise enough for the sudden AWOL! I just was soo busy and I know it's really bad but I kinda started to neglect my blog because I just had so much other things to do. I guess I never really found the time in between the never ending wedding season and a lot of eventful events which is just going to lead me on to rambling more so I'm just going to get straight in. So this post is kinda an update as well as a really simple winged liner tutorial. I'll start with the update so it never really hit me about how long it's been since I've uploaded any shazazzle on this blog until Facebook sent me a message about the new page I've started and told me that I should well basically upload things a lot more. Ooopsies! So I've promised not to neglect and instead of carefully planning what to upload I'm going to upload some planned posts and some really random ones too. Which of course is going to happen a lot more regularly *fingers crossed* and for the all the exclusive updates and some extras please go and like my Facebook page!

Now back to this post I'm gonna admit this was a kinda random post which came about from a compliment I received from a reader about the make-up look that I had uploaded before this one (blue eyes) they were really liking the colours that I had chosen as well as the winged liner look that I'd used. They were really impressed about the precision of the liner and thought it was really hard to achieve. So I sat down and thought to myself it's really not that hard maybe I should upload a really simple tutorial showing all of you how so simple it is! (Yes! I linked the title to the post!) This is literally 5 easy steps. For this winged liner look or cat eye look whichever you prefer to call it I used a liquid liner. In particular I used the collection fast stroke eyeliner. Now this product I absolutely swear by it's just amazing! I use it everyday of my life without fail! What I love about this eyeliner is the actual brush it's a small brush compared to other liquid liners that have really long thin applicators which means that people often find it hard to achieve precision. It's defo not helpful for those people who are starting out new and aren't as comfortable with liquid liner because the long applicators mean less control. The applicator in the collection eyeliner is very easy to control so it's perfect for beginners or even more experienced people because it means you can create a variety of looks.

So like always I'm going to quickly talk you through the tutorial. Just so you know what the hell I'm on about in each picture.

STEP 1: Using your liquid liner make 4 dots on your eyes. Starter from the inner to the outer corner and keep it close to your lash line. This will act as a guide and will make sure that you're liner is equal when you apply it.


STEP 2: Dot to dot! Start to join up the dots making sure that you follow the guide you made using the dots quite closely. A good tip is to start from the outer corner and then make your way in this will prevent any smudging.
STEP 3: Thickness! Once you've joined up the lines it's time to adjust the thickness to the way you prefer. To give the illusion of a cat eye make the outer third of your liner thicker than the inner section. A good tip is to ensure that there is plenty of product on the applicator this will help prevent any bumpy lines!
STEP 4: Keeping your eyes open make a line going diagonally. Remember the longer the line the longer the wing. This will be the basis of your wing. Top tip to make sure that both eyes have an even wing use your lower lash line as a guide to draw the line from.

STEP 5: Triangles! Connect the line you just drew to the liner on the lid. This should make a precise triangle and all you've gotta do now is fill the triangle in! Apply mascara and some liner at the bottom of your eyes and you're good to go!!

And I'm going to end this post right here! I really hope that like all my other posts you found this post useful. This is a perfect look to wear either everyday or to an occasion. It's easily adjustable so you can really go all out with a dramatic wing liner or keep it so simple! (see I did it again!) Like always please comment and share this post with everyone you know except for your pets unless they can read! Please please please like my facebook page for all the exclusive updates and I will see you all really soon!! Bye bye for now Jemples!



Well hellooo there Jemples and welcome back to another makeup tutorial! As promised in my last post I'm back with a makeup tutorial using the colours that were strictly in the Makeup Revolution day to night palette. As you all know it's wedding season here in England and obviously Asian weddings in particular take place on a really grand scale with bright colours and glitzy outfits. So it's only apt if the makeup matches with the outfit and is just as bright and shimmery as the outfit! Keeping my promise in mind whilst applying my makeup yesterday I thought it would be best if I took pictures of what I was doing each step of the way. I've just gotta mention that the pictures were really hard to take because the colours used were so light I had to really play around with the lighting and the camera. The end result might not be perfect in your eyes but you can see what I'm doing in the pictures and I'll explain each step like always.

And away we go!! So unlike the first tutorial this requires just 5 easy steps, I've really simplified it down for you guys.

Step 1 (starting from the left picture to the right pictures): As always before starting prep your eyelid using a primer, I found for these shadows it really does help with the lasting power and the intensity of the colour. Apply the white in the palette all over the lid but really concentrate it on the inner 3/4 of the eye. You want the colour to stand out the most there.

Step 2: Using the navy colour in the palette intensify the crease. I found that the navy wasn't as dark as I wanted it to be so I first applied the navy in the crease and blended it outwards and then applied a really small amount of black directly on top of the navy. Focus it more on the outer v of your eye. The best way to do this is to first dip your brush into the navy shadow and then the black shadow and then apply it all onto your crease and make sure to blend really well.

Step 3: Using the lovely teal colour in the palette apply it in the middle of your eye and blend well. For the colour to pop more spray your brush with some fixing spray and then dip it into the shadow. You really have to concentrate it in the middle of your eye so you may have to apply a few layers.

Step 4: Add the teal in the inner corner of your eye. To really make the teal pop add it in the inner corner of your eye. This will really make the look complete. And to be honest it had to be my most favourite step!!

Step 5: And finally apply your eyeliner and mascara. I chose to use a liquid liner and flicked it out slightly just because I wanted to keep the look more clean and less smokey. You can defo use an eyeliner and then smudge it out.

And you're done!! I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial and like always please comment and share the blog and all it's posts! I promise to continue making such posts if you all continue to like them! Do contact me for any queries and please please please like my facebook page for all the exclusive updates and news of my blog. And I'll see you all in my next post bye bye for now Jemples x



Helllooooo Jemples and welcome yet again to another post this one is probably more of my forte another makeup review!! Yayyyy!! I know a lot of people like my reviews and well to be honest I find them very interesting to do. Now before I start this review let me just clear a misunderstanding that a lot of people have had regarding these reviews that I'm getting paid to say good things about all of these products. Let me just back you up a few steps and tell you that I'm not getting paid at all! In fact I'm not getting paid even a penny to do any of this nada zilch zero! This blog like I've mentioned before is a hobby that I enjoy doing and all of these products are purchased with my own money. Soo now that that's clear I hope you all will understand that I try to give my honest opinion on a lot of products and just because it's a good opinion most of the time it doesn't mean it will always be a good one. Pheww!! Disclaimer and long rant over let's get back to this post.

So this post is a review of a brand that I've wanted to try for a really long time. I remember reading about Makeup Revolution on the internet a long time ago and reading endless reviews it was safe to place a bet that it was actually a good budget brand that was more along the lines of MUA. So I knew that it was automatically going to be a hit for me! The whole reason why I didn't purchase any of this brand before was just because it meant that I had to purchase online and like I've mentioned before I don't really purchase online so it meant that it had to wait until it hit the stores. And just a couple of days ago I went to Superdrug not really expecting or looking for anything, the funny thing is that I actually walked past the whole stand of Makeup Revolution and didn't realise until I saw one of their products in another persons hand. Trust me I literally ran towards the stand and like a lot of budget brands quite a bit of things were sold out including this palette. So I took quite a long time to swatch everything on the stand and to make a decision as to what it was I wanted. Between me and you I really wanted to buy the whole stand and I wish I could! Then I sent my sister a couple of days later to see if the palettes were in stock and heyy hoo they finally were! I actually bought 2 palettes including this one but I decided to review this one today because I'm hoping to create a make-up look using this product in the next couple of days so defo keep an eye out for that!

Ok now finally after that huge story let me get to the point. So this palette is called the day to night palette and it contains 12 shades and retails at £4.00. All the shades in this palette are shimmery some more than others particularly the darker shades. There's quite an obvious split in the shades I mean it's pretty obvious to tell which shades are allocated to the day and which shades to the night. I'd say the split is quite even with 6 being day shades and 6 being night shades. The packaging is quite similar to MUA the fact that it has a clear window so you can see all the colours without having to open it up and it comes with a double ended sponge applicator. Gosh I hate those things! The brand name I'd have to say is one of the best things about the product it's written in gold and the font and the whole style is very elegant and chic. These shades unfortunately have no names so I just kinda made them up in the image below just to make it easier for you all to match the shade to the name.

So now to the actual shades and their pigmentation. I honestly would have to say that the pigmentation really varies according to the shades. The darker shades definitely are a lot more pigmented than the lighter shades and the most vibrant and pigmented shade in this palette would have to be the turquoise colour at the top of the palette. That honestly has to be the reason why I bought the palette and I'm seriously so impressed! I think that even though you need to build up the colour by applying some layers of the same colour for it to really show through the palette is well worth your money. The colours have been really thought through you can tell that a lot of effort has gone into choosing the perfect colours for this palette and they are literally colours that you'd have trouble finding separately. I mean I've looked for a lot of these colours on their own but they are seriously hard to find especially colours like navy or royal blue. You can create endless looks with this palette and I can't wait to try it out. The downside is that you may have to invest in a good primer for the colours to really pop and last long but you honestly can't complain I mean it's only £4! The colours cater for everyone and will compliment every skin tone so with that said I'm gonna end this post right here. I hope you found this review useful and you're just as excited as me to try out this product and all the other products from this amazing budget beauty brand! And I'll catch you all in my next post pretty soon where I promise to create a make-up look using this exact palette. So like always please comment and share and feel free to contact me at for any suggestions or questions and I promise to get back to you. Bye bye for now Jemples x

 Heeyooo Jemples and welcome back to another post. I really need to think of a better intro because I feel like I introduce my posts in the same way all the time! Well anyways I'm back with another post after exactly 7 days! I know a long time right and like always I'm really sorry I actually had a few blood tests to get done, a few visits to the dentist and basically a lot of pending work so I thought it would be best if I finished all that shzazzle off and then sit down to write up posts and with that I make a promise that I will start to upload more frequently and upload things that aren't always make-up based. Oooh I forgot to mention I actually passed my driving test so I'm now officially a driver well that's what my certificate says anyway! So as you all know it was Eid quite recently and I thought that I would share with all of you guys the nails that I wore on Eid, now by wearing nails I don't mean fake nails I mean my real nails with some extra bling added on to them. For all of you who are Asian particularly Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi you all probably know that this month and a few months after is completely crammed with weddings so this look is perfect to spice up any outfit. And for those of you who don't have to worry about the never ending wedding season this look is perfect for the summer! It's also quite a weird way of relaxing yourself because we all know tomorrow is the dreaded A Level Results day!! Cue the dramatic music! I wish all of you all the best and I hope you do really well and are pleased with whatever it is you end up getting or wherever you end up going!

Now for this look I used one particular product without which this look wouldn't ever be complete that is the Avon Sprinkle Nails. So I'm gonna quickly review this product and then get on to the look. This comes in 3 shades I'm not sure of the exact names of the other 2 but I do know that the shades are green and purple. The one that I used was in the shade Pink Confetti. When I saw this in the brochure I was instantly drawn to it just because it looked so effortless and it meant that you could achieve a professional manicure at home. Every girls dream right! Anyways it comes in a small container that's very sleek looking and there is quite a bit of product inside to last you a long time. It's very effortless to apply you literally just dunk you're wet nail into the pot and tap off the excess. I loved everything about the product the 3d finish, the texture and the fact that you could create endless designs with it. The only thing I didn't like is that it doesn't wear long I mean I wore mine for about 2 days and during those 2 days I must've at least re-did the tips about 4 times and by the end of the 2 days I was so fed up I just took it off completely. It does take a long time to come off you literally need to scrape it off. All in all despite the compliments I wouldn't be purchasing or even putting it on my nails again. I'm just glad I didn't purchase the other 2 shades!

Now back to the mini tutorial for this look I used 3 products a coat of colour this particular one is a peach shaded one from the amazing company Sinful Colours these last on your nails forever! The Avon Sprinkle Nails and the a top coat just to seal it all in.

1. Apply one coat of your chosen colour and let that dry.
2. Once it's dry apply another coat and whilst it's still wet dunk it into the pot and tap of the excess. You might need to press the beads onto your nails. You can choose which nails and how to apply it if you want to apply it just on the tips then take the help of sticky tape!
3. And step 3 which is completely optional apply a top coat I found that by applying this my nails lasted a bit longer but you will have to sacrifice the texture of the beads. By this I mean the beads do go a bit flat and don't stay fully 3d.

And you're done!! I hope you guys enjoyed this mini tutorial/review/an update on my life and I'll catch you all in my next post. Good luck to all those getting their results tomorrow and like always please comment and spread the word! Thank you so much bye x


Well Hellooo there all you Jemples!! I know you're all thinking at this point that where the hell did she disappear to! I know I was gone for a really long time and I'm honestly really embarrassed that I couldn't manage time as efficiently as I thought of in my mind. You all know that when you tend to plan something in your mind it  always doesn't go to plan so that was the exact same scenario with me. I actually did have an excuse this time round for being MIA and that was Eid!! Wohoooo!! I hope for those of you who were celebrating you had a fab time and for those of you who weren't well I hope you enjoyed yourself regardless and took advantage of all your friends who were! Eid for me this year has been absolutely hectic but at the same time amazing because it was just so fun and it also carried on for a really long time I mean the last of my Eid parties finished just a day ago! So you can only imagine why I didn't get a chance to sit down and churn out some things for my blog. But now I'm back and I thought I'd start off the after Eid blogs with some new products and actually pretty exclusive products. Their so new that I only saw them yesterday in Superdrug and instantly fell in love with them so I just had to pick them up! Oooh I bet your all tingly and want to find out what I'm talking about well don't worry I'm about to tell you right now! Both of these products are from the most amazing company Rimmel London so yes they are drugstore products and are seriously affordable.
  1. RIMMEL LONDON WONDER'FULL MASCARA- which looks a little something like this

Now to be honest I didn't walk into Superdrug with the agenda to buy both of these it's only when I saw them I knew I had to have them. The first thing that stood out to me was the elaborate packaging I absolutely love the colour and the fact that it's quite bulky in size. I dunno about you guys but I love me a big mascara! The second thing that drew me to this product and probably the most important thing was the fact that the mascara is enriched with Argan Oil! For those of you that don't know what Argan oil is it's most commonly used to apply on the hair to make it extremely silky and conditioned and it can be really expensive to buy. So the fact that this mascara is one of the first ever to have Argan Oil inside it really made me excited because I know that after applying this for a couple of weeks I'll start to see the difference it's made to my lashes (the saleswoman who had this one seriously had the most amazing looking lashes!).

And the final reason why I bought this was the wand now I'm pretty fussy when it comes to picking mascaras which is why I own quite less mascaras and one of the reasons why I'm fussy is the mascara wands. The bristles on this wand are extremely thin and are quite separated so they do the perfect job in declumping and separating the lashes. The wand is also flexible so you can really bend it to get into the small areas.

So what's my verdict well I actually have only tried this product twice and I've gotta say it is pretty amazing. You only really need the one coat to see the difference it makes to your lashes. It volumizes them without the clumps and it's also not heavy on the lashes at all even if you do apply a couple of coats. The staying power is superb and even though it doesn't say it is waterproof. Just like the packaging the product itself is elegant in the sense that it will pay off in the long run to give you conditioned and healthier looking lashes. And BTW this is only £5.99 at Superdrug for a limited time so click on this link to buy it!
For those of you who are like me and love to accentuate your brows either to make them more sharper or because you don't really have any this has to be the perfect product. I'm always looking for a way to make the whole process of filling in my brows a lot less time consuming (filling them in really does take time!) and I was considering buying the Benefit Gimme Brow which is really hyped up everywhere. I actually went shopping with that in mind but then I stumbled across this. Size wise it has a striking resemblance to the gimme brow and the product inside is pretty much the same. The most easiest way to explain this product is that it's a coloured mascara for the brows. It kinda makes the hairs longer and fills in any gaps in your brows with the colour. This comes in 3 shades clear blonde and dark brown I bought the dark brown because I kept in mind that my brow pencil from Rimmel was the same shade.
The wand is not as small as benefit's but it really does do the job, a couple of whooshes across your brows with this and your good to go it's as simple as that really! It's really effortless to apply and you don't have to worry about one brow looking different to the other because the colour when applied is just applied to your own brow hairs. So what's my verdict I absolutely love it I've worn it today for the first time and I've received a lot of compliments. My brows look a lot more natural as opposed to drawn on and like I said it's so easy to apply. It's only £2.99 at Superdrug right now and it's a perfect match with the Rimmel professional brow pencil!
So Jemples that's the end of this post do check the products out at let me know if you love them as much as I did! Like always please comment and spread the word and I'll see you all really soon in my next post Bye bye!!

Well Helloooo there Jemples! OMG it feels like such a long time since I've sat down and written something on this blog but more then that it feels like such a long time since I've spoken to any of you. First of all let me apologise to everyone for the lack of posts for the past few days. Yes I've been MIA for a full 5 days! And I'm not going to make up any fancy excuses I'm just going to tell you all the truth that I haven't had any time! For those of you who are fasting can defo relate to me in the sense that these last few days of Ramadhan fly past so fast that it's impossible to keep up with them. I mean there's soo much to do from finishing praying the Qur'an to shopping for Eid!! And with that said I'm sure you all are pretty excited for Eid just like me! So I thought that before Eid comes I'll tell you about these amazing products so you have time to pick them up if you feel that there what you've been looking for all this time!
So these amazing products are by an equally amazing company Barry M! Now if you're like me you're probably just as totally obsessed with Barry M so you can only imagine how excited I was when I first started my collection over a year ago. I remember seeing these on the shelves and I was instantly drawn to them just because of the bright colours and the wide variety of them. I over the years have managed to collect 7 different colours and would defo wanna purchase more. There's actually two types the dazzle dusts and the glitter dusts. I personally don't find much of a difference between the 2 other the fact that the occasional glitter dusts will have a bit more glitter then usual. They are loose powders so when applying you have to be extremely careful because they do have a lot of fallout and are quite stubborn to wipe off. So I would suggest that you use both a primer and a fixing spray to hold them in place. A top tip for any loose powders is before applying spray the brush with a fixing spray this will not only hold them in place but with also increase the pigmentation of the colour.
So I'm going to show you the colours that I have with swatches and then I'll go onto a do's and don't list to tell you what the positives and the negatives are of these products.
  • Perfect for adding a bit of bling to any makeup look.
  • Glitters are really on trend at the moment.
  • Pretty affordable.
  • Awesome pigmentation.
  • Lasts for a really long time (a little goes a really long way)
  • Wide range of colours to choose from.
  • Super small and compact easy to store and carry around.
DONT'S (I actually can't think of many)
  •  A lot of fallout when applying the glitter especially is tough to get off.
  • You need a good quality (expensive) primer for it to really last all day long.
So Jemples that's the end of this post. Overall these products are perfect for any occasion especially if you want to create a really sparkly look. Do check these out as they are perfect for Eid!! And I'll catch you all in my next post pretty soon!! Like always spread the word and comment below bye bye xx



 Hellooo all my lovely Jemples and welcome back to yet another make-up post but fear not for this is one with a slight difference. Actually I lie it's a post with a big difference because it's one of it's first ever on this blog. Yes I'm talking about a tutorial finally!! I actually debated a lot to myself whether to do tutorials or not I just kinda felt that you wouldn't ever be able to really tell what I'm doing through just pictures but I was really wrong. It turns out that the step by step pictures do really help (even though it's pretty hard to take picture of your eye by yourself!) So once I overcame that problem I had another problem what kind of tutorial would I upload and when I asked a few people the requests came pouring in! So I thought I would start with the most basic and most requested look which I personally love because it's really versatile and you can adapt it to suit you. And that was the gold/bronzy smokey eye which you can achieve in pretty much 10 easy steps. But before I start let me just tell you that you don't have to a) use the products I'm using, I chose to use my MUA palette which I've reviewed before just because I didn't want to use a high end product and a lot of people requested that I should do these tutorials with cheaper products and b) use the colours I'm using, if you're outfits another colour then just change the colours up and if you don't like smokey eyes then don't go for black but use a softer colour like brown instead. It's all up to you! So let's get started.

1. Prep your lids! I really can't tell you enough how important this step is to increase the longevity of your shadows. If you want your shadows to stay on longer and not crease then don't skip this step. For this I used a creamy eye shadow by No7. You can use any creamy eye shadow, a concealer or an eye shadow primer to do this.

2. Apply the gold using a flat eyeshadow brush press the colour all over your lids. This will reduce any chance of fall out especially when your dealing with glitter shadows! It's also the best way to intensify the colour.
3. Build up the crease! Using a slightly smaller eye shadow brush apply the grey/taupe colour to your crease. This will help to intensify the crease and is the perfect transition colour. If you want a more rounder look  then you should apply this colour from the tear duct until the end of the eyelid. But if you want a more cat eye look like me then just apply this to the outer 3/4 of the eye.

4. Intensify the crease! Using a small eyeshadow brush apply the brown shade from the palette directly on top of the grey colour you just applied. Make sure you blend this in well. If you've got a big gap between your eye and your eyebrow like me you're going to have to apply this slightly above the crease if not then just apply this in the crease. The more above the crease you apply the smaller your eye will look.

5. Smoke it out! Using a brush apply the black to the crease make sure you apply it 3/4 of the way in and blend. Intensify the black the most in the outer corner of your eye. You can do this by building up the colour gradually. Make sure you blend blend and blend! The more you blend the better the overall look will be!

6. Highlight! Using a small brush apply some white in the inner corner of your eye this will give the illusion that your eyes are a lot bigger. You can also take the same colour and highlight the brow bone (underneath your eyebrow).

7. Eyeliner! Now because this is a smokey eye I thought I'd use a pencil rather than a liquid liner. Apply the eyeliner on your upper eye lid. This really doesn't have to be neat at all because after applying use a brush to smudge the liner. The more messy and smudged it is the better it will look!

8. Lower lash! Apply eye liner inside your eye on the waterline. To add to the smokey effect add the same colours that you used at the top on the bottom lash line. Start with the white in the inner corner, then gold and finally black and blend well.

9. Mascara! Apply generous coats of mascara to both the top and lower lashes. I also decided to curl my lashes using a lash curler which is completely optional. You can also add falsies if you want a really dramatic look!

10. Touch up! Go over any colours that might have faded and make sure you blend well. Clean up any fallout from under the eyes and voila the look is finished!

So Jemples that is the end of my pretty straight forward tutorial. I really hope you like it and if you try it out do send me a picture so I can see how it looked. Like always please do comment and share and for any requests just email And I shall see you all in my next post bye bye xx


LIP ADDICT!! (Part 2)

Heyoo Jemples I'm back with (as promised) part 2 of the lip addict thingymabob and like I said in part 2 I would be answering the same and if not similar questions that I answered in part 1 but with my lipstick collection instead. Now before I start let me just tell you all that my lipstick collection is considerably less then my lip gloss stash. That's just a posh way of saying I own way less lipsticks!! The only reason for that is that I used to hate lipsticks the consistency of them and the bold colours I was like purleeease I'd rather stay away! I mean one thing that still pees me off about lipsticks is when your lips get dry and the lipstick peels off and gets dry with it eeeeww!! But putting all that aside I have managed to buy quite a few lipsticks over the year and the collection is ever growing. So without wasting time let me quickly get on to the questions...
What's the first lipstick you bought?
Again this is probably the hardest question to answer because unless your mum and dad are super computer geniuses that remember everything you're really not going to remember much from so far back. Believe it or not my mum and dad aren't! So my memory is quite bad and so it's not really a shocker that I don't really know what the first lipstick was that I bought. I just remember trying on my mums lipsticks quite a bit when I was younger I mean we all do!!
Favourite Pink lipstick?
I actually have two favourites from the same company. These are both from NYC and what I love about them is the colour is really subtle, I'm not into bold lips well not yet anyways I just don't think that everyone can always pull them off. With shades like these I feel more comfortable and feel like even if I wear them everyday I won't stand out and my lips especially won't look so intense. The shade on the left hand side is called Snowcone and it's a considerably darker pink then the one on the right which is called Candy Rush. They are both gorgeous shades that last a really long time and the important thing is that they're not matte! I don't know why but I absolutely hate matte lipsticks especially Mac ones I just feel like they're too drying on the lips. The NYC brand is also extremely affordable from the top of my head I think these were around £3-4 each.
Favourite brown lipstick
Now hands down there was no confusion on this one it had to be MUA's Fawn fancy. MUA I know I talk about it a lot but I've gotta say from the first time I saw this in Superdrug up until now this brand ha always been one of my favourites. I mean the price is just amazing these lipsticks are just £1 and you get a really good formula with really chic packaging. This shade will look amazing on any skin tone and I feel like it's a really flattering shade because of the soft colour. The consistency is also really smooth but it is a matte lipstick so you would need to moisturise the lips with some sort of balm first. But all in all this product is a real winner and so are all their other lipstick shades so do check them out (here).
 Favourite Coral/Orange lipstick

 Again I have two well in my defence one was given to me as a gift so technically I only had one favourite before this! The first one is the one on the right which is again from NYC and is the same range as the pink lipsticks I've mentioned before. There's really not much to say that I haven't said about these range of lipsticks before other then this in the shade Peach Fizz. The one on the left was given to me as a gift quite recently and is from the body shop in the shade 66. This is definitely by newly found love I was totally unaware of body shop lipsticks before this but after getting this I know that I will be purchasing a lot more in the near future. The feel of this lipstick is so luxurious and smooth I love it!!
 What lipstick have you recently purchased?
I'm going to rephrase that question by adding an 's' at the end of lipstick because I've just purchased 2 Mac lipsticks yesterday!! I thought that I would treat myself because Eid is coming up and bless my Mum she bought me one of them. So I actually went into Mac just wanting to purchase the one and wanting to look at the other shade but whoever knows me well knows that I never just go to look at things! I went in wanting to purchase Mac Angel which is a frost lipstick that I would best describe as being a nudy pink. I've seen this shade being reviewed and loved by everyone everywhere, even Kim Kardashian wore this shade so I thought I'd try it out and I love it! The second shade was a glaze lipstick in the shade Hue now I actually went in wanting to try the shade Modesty but I fell for this shade instead. This is again a nude but more on the browny side which I love! These 2 will defo be 2 of my favourite nude shades ever.
What's your everyday shade?
So this is another Mac lipstick and this by far I can without a doubt wear every single day and love it. Just because of the fact that it's such a sheer wash of colour when you apply it and tbh you don't even need a mirror to apply this you can just put it all over your lips and be on your way. It's the Mac Viva Glam V which is a lustre lipstick. I actually bought this for my mum who found that it was a bit too less colour for her so I thought I'd try it and I really like it. Pheww!! That saved £15.50 (yerpp I know Mac's boosted it's prices by 50p again)
 So Jemples that's the end of my quite long lip addict tag. Like always please like, share on all your social media and comment. Please do share it would mean a lot to me. And I'll see you in my next post really soon. Bye bye Jemples xx


 LIP ADDICT!! (Part 1)

Well hellooo all you Jemples and welcome back to yet another post, tbh it really feels weird to be on my blog again but it's one of those comforting weirds (if that made any sense to you let me know too cuz it hasn't made any sense to me!) And let me admit I had to really push myself to post my blog today just because I'm not feeling well. I mean trying to fast whilst having a blocked nose and a sore throat is soo hard! But I knew I had to update because all of you guys have been waiting very patiently. So staying on the make-up theme I've decided to do a LIP ADDICT thingymabob. I've actually seen this done on a lot of blogs and by a lot of youtubers so I thought I've got enough products so why not! A little disclaimer I actually put together these questions by choosing a load of different ones that would cater to my collection because I don't own any red lip products!! The nearest I own is coral so I've had to shake the questions up a bit. So without wasting any more time let's get on with it ooh I've also split the questions into two parts the first are lipglosses and the second set are lipsticks (which I don't own many of at all but hey!). Most of these products are also really affordable with just one high end product. So take two let's get one with it!!
What's the first lip gloss you bought?
Well if I'm totally honest I don't remember and nor would I have kept it for so long eew that's just disgusting. I think it might have been one from Avon because I have quite a vivid memory of this roller ball gloss that tasted of watermelons mmmm I actually applied that less and ate it more!! Ooops #confessionsofyoungerme
What's your favourite clear gloss?
I actually have two favourites which both don't look clear anymore! The first one is one that I used to apply religiously every day especially when I was younger because I hated coloured glosses or lipsticks that is the Avon glazewear in clear what I like about this is that it contains SPF 15 which is perfect for summer! Now because that one's pretty old I've started to wear another one which is the NYC Liquid lipshine I love the brush on this one it's so flimsy and flexible.

Favourite Pink gloss

So I'm gonna lie if I say that this is my all time favourite pink gloss because it's a recent purchase so I haven't really worn it as much but I've gotta admit it has taken the number 1 spot of my pink glosses and I own a lot!! This gloss is in the shade Lips are sealed and trust me this lasts a whole day on your lips especially if you pair it with a lipstick. Like the packaging states this pink is really intense and the formula isn't sticky which I like.
Favourite brown gloss

Again you can see that I've struggled to pick one. Now let me just say these are brown shades it's just that the lighting is making them seem a lot more peach for some strange reason, curse you natural lighting!! So I'm gonna start with the one on the left which is the Max Factor silk gloss in the shade cinnamon frost. Now what I love about this is the fact that it's soo sheer and light on the lips and feels so velvety when you put it on. I actually don't know whether they still do this but I'm pretty sure you can find a dupe. The next one is by 2 true cosmetics and it's shade number 8 I absolutely swear by these glosses they have to be one of the longest lasting lip glosses ever and they are so incredibly cheap! You can see in the picture on the right that it's more of a peachy brown which I love!
Favourite Nude

Ok I've cheated again but it's so hard just to pick one! Now I couldn't swatch either of these because there really isn't any point their so similar to my skin colour you wouldn't be able to see them! Now the reason why I picked two is the fact that the colours are similar but the texture and shine is completely different. The top one is one by Natural collection in the shade Toffee Cream now for those of you who are familiar with these glosses they tend to have more of a metallic kinda gloss with hints of juicy flavour. This particular one smells and tastes just like toffee. I love this gloss because it stays on all day and you're able to put it on just on it's own you don't need a base colour. The bottom one is by Miss Sporty in the Hollywood range now this is a luxurious style gloss in the shade Melrose Avenue. I like this because the colour is really pigmented like you can tell you've got a nude on your lips the only downside is that I have to have a base coat when I wear this and only then does the colour really show up.

Favourite Coral

This is again by the Miss Sporty Hollywood range in the shade Pasadena what I love about this is the colour I think that even though it looks like the colours quite striking in the bottle it actually comes out with a really nice sheen to it. Unlike the nude shade I'm able to wear this just on it's own because of the colour. Definitely check out the Miss Sporty range of glosses they're really nice quality.

What's your everyday gloss?
Now I perceived this as being a gloss that I'm able to reach out for everyday without having to look in the mirror to apply it I mean what else would you wear everyday. The first one that came to my mind was this Mua sheer finish lip gloss in the shade Happy days. This is just perfect for everyday it has the right amount of colour and sheen to it.
So Jemples that's the end of part 1!! Tune in for part 2 where I'll answer the same questions with a few added surprise questions but with my lipsticks instead. Please do comment and spread the word the activity on this blog has been pretty low for the past 2 days so please view and share my blog on all your social media platforms and I'll see you soon Jemples xx


Hellooo Jemples and welcome back actually I should be saying that to myself that welcome back Jemima your blog and the avid readers of this blog missed you, even though I was only MIA (missing in action) for one day. Yerpp just one day! So before I start this post let me just tell you that I won't be uploading daily anymore. As you all know the look of my blog has changed as well as the slogan of my blog which used to be a daily dosage. So that can only imply one thing that I will not be uploading daily instead I'm going to miss a day and then upload. There's really not a reason why I just personally feel that I should give you all some time to digest the previous post before I upload the next. It also means that I can plan the post a lot more and I can write a lot more detail. I don't have to make up random crap just so that I can upload daily!
 Pheww! Now that that's out the way let me get back to the post. Now for a lot of you the word MUA probably sounds quite foreign, especially for those who prefer more high end products and tbh can afford them. I mean who doesn't like luxury products but you've gotta be able to afford them to buy them! Anyhoo MUA stands for make-up academy and has been around for quite a while but has only been recognised by people ever since it came into Superdrug. It's really developed over the past year and has come out with so many amazing products that are definitely, well I would class them as, a dupe for high end products. Obviously you won't get the same quality but they are near enough. Everything is under £4!! I know even their professional range is £4 and under!! They are amazing products that are perfect for those on a budget and are defo perfect for students!! (Like me!!)
Ok back to the palette now this palette along with many of their palettes contains 12 shades at a price of just £4!! This particular one is called glitter ball and like the name suggests it contains glitter in all the colours. It's definitely not a too much glitter you won't literally look like a glitter ball when you apply this!! I actually fell for this palette because of the wide range of colours inside, I felt that the colours were universal and would be perfect for celebrations or weddings. It's also really nice and compact so it's perfect for travel and I think another plus point is that the there's a clear window so you can see all the colours inside without having to open it. Because we all know that palettes tend to break a lot because we open them a lot!!
The colour payoff of all these shades is really good and they are quite pigmented. I've swatched a few colours from the palette so that you can see exactly how the payoff is. But do bear in mind that the colour isn't really pigmented on the lids you'll need a primer if you want the colour to be as intense and to last for a whole day. Without a primer I would say these last for about half a day so like an evening but that really depends on you and how your eyelids are.
So I've mainly talked about what I like about the product and talked a bit about what I don't like but to make it easier for you to judge I'm gonna make a quick do's and don'ts list.
  • Wide range of colours to choose from.
  • Glitter is really on trend at the moment.
  • Perfect for wedding season and celebrations.
  • Really affordable it's only £4!!
  • Most shades are quite pigmented and they have a reasonable colour pay off.
  • Compact, light, see through window.

  • The sponge applicator that comes with it.
  • Some of the lighter shades are quite difficult to pick up on the lid without using a primer.
  • The off white shade in mine was really crusty.
  • Doesn't last a full day without a primer.
So Jemples that's the end of my review of the MUA glitter ball palette despite some minor flaws I would recommend this product because I think for the price it's really good quality. MUA has loads of different palettes so do check them out you'll defo find one that's suited for you. The undress me and undress me too palettes are really close dupes for the naked 1 and naked 2 palettes!! Please do comment and subscribe and let me know what you guys want to see more of trust me suggestions are really helpful. I'll see you in my next post bye bye!! xx



So it's definitely no mystery what this post is about I mean ever since I mentioned yesterday that I was doing this post today I've been receiving a lot of messages saying that they simply cannot wait!! So can't I!! I mean I've had this product for at least 2 months now but the excitement of just seeing it everyday is just beyond this world! For those of who you don't know what the hell I'm on about well hold your horses because I'm about to tell you. Now this palette retails at around £37.00 depending on where you're buying it from the prices will vary not drastically but about a couple of pounds and is the third instalment of the Urban Decay Naked Palette series. So they've done the naked 1, the naked 2 and now the naked 3. BTW I'm not just fond of saying naked the palettes are called that because the shades within all three palettes are mostly neutral with a couple of darker shades just so you have the versatility to create really minimal effortless looks to a much more dramatic smoky eye. The palette contains 12 different shades, 8 are shimmer toned and 4 are matte with just a bit of sparkle. All the shades revolve around the rose gold theme which the packaging also reflects, so even the black has a bit of pink/red glitter (not a lot just a bit) which I think is really cool! Another cool thing about any of the naked palettes are the names I mean sometimes you'll get why they named them like that but other times you'll be left wondering what the hell!!

So firstly I'm gonna review the packaging and everything that comes with it. The packaging as you can see above is just striking! I mean it's so elegant and beautiful, I assure you that when you first see the product even if it's just at a store you'll be left mesmerised! It's a pretty compact and sturdy tin that you'll be able to carry anywhere (the shadows won't crumble or break) so it's perfect for travelling. It's also rose gold which is so in at the moment and my personal favourite. The way it opens is similar to the Naked 2 Palette.

It also comes with a duo ended synthetic fibre brush which has one flat side perfect for packing the shadow on and one fluffy side which is also perfect for blending particularly in the crease. The brush is again a rose gold colour and is really soft, the fibres in the brush won't come out or split like some brushes do. Again it's perfect for travel as it fits snuggly inside the case and to be honest you don't really need more brushes then this (unless your a brush hoarder like me!). The palette also comes with a mirror which I know is weird to say but it is a perfect mirror it's really clear and it's one of those mirrors that shows up all your impurities!! (Not good especially if your face isn't clean!) So below is a picture of the palette open now I'm just gonna go ahead and review each colour from left to right (don't worry I'll try to keep it short!)

The first shade in the palette (starting from the left) is a matte cream shade called strange. This is the perfect highlight shade for under the brow and in the inner tear duct to give your eyes a bit of a pop. You can even use this for highlighting the cheek bones especially if you prefer matte shades not shimmer. Just like all the colours in this palette it has an immense colour payment it's really highly pigmented.

The second colour is called dust and just like the name suggests it's a really light colour that gives the perfect dusting of shimmer. It's one of the first shimmers in the palette and I would describe the colour as like a real pale pink. Again this is perfect to use as a highlighter but it's also perfect to use everyday because it gives this really nice pop to the eye because of the shimmer. Just a sweep of this everyday and you're good to go! This is my personal favourite in the palette.


Number 3 is again a shimmer called burnout and like the name suggests it's a copper coloured shade. I wouldn't say that it was too on the browny side but I'd say that it has hints of brown and is more of an intense rose gold shade as opposed to the shade Dust. It's highly pigmented and would be perfect to use for everyday or a smoky eye. The more you pack on the more intense the colour will be.

The fourth shade is another matte shade called limit. Now this shade is absolute heaven when placed in the crease. It's a perfect crease shade! I really dunno how to describe this shade because it's one of those weird colours I guess I'd probably describe it as a pale pink/grey or a matte version of dust. These 4 colours are the more neutral shades of the palette the next four are slightly more intense shades.

Number 5 is called buzz now for me the name didn't suggest anything to me it may to you but it's a quite dark pink colour. Now this is definitely the nearest colour to the tin it's again a shimmer shade and would look amazing everyday but I would class it as slightly more luxurious.

The sixth colour (wohoo we've reached half way!) is a colour called trick. Now this is your propa gold shade what I mean by that is it's a really rich gold and is soo luxurious. What I love about these shimmer shades is that when applied they give us this two toned effect in the light which I think is amazing! I mean it looks like 2 different shades when you've just applied 1!!


Number 7 is another matte shade called nooner I know nooner. This is the perfect transition colour because it's a mix of both pink and grey. The amazing thing about this colour is that it'll look good both as a neutral colour or with a smokey eye, pretty versatile huh!
8 is a shade called liar and is the perfect mix like nooner but it's a shimmer. It's the shimmery version of nooner! But I'd say it's slightly more brown toned especially because we're getting towards the darker shades. I love this colour!
The next four shades I'm going to collectively review. These are called factory (the most amazing brown shade in the world!) mugshot (the perfect shimmery grey with black and brown undertones) darkshot (this is the last matte shade in the palette and is a dark brown/black) and the final shade is blackheart (now this even though it's not fully black it's soo pretty it's black with little micro specks of red glitter!) Now these 4 shades when used together create the most perfect smokey eye ever!!
So that is the end of my review! I'm just going to say that this is an amazing palette and I know it's a bit pricey but it's so worth it! The pigmentation and the colour pay off is just extraordinary and when applied with primer this product will last you all day! I'm still in love with it and can't wait to create more looks and use this product more and more! So defo go and buy it either for yourself or as a gift for someone else! Bye bye until tomorrow Jemples xx
By the way comment below or send me a message if you're liking the new look of my blog!!

What's in my Everyday Make-up Bag

Hey Jemples I'm back with yet another post the What's in my Everyday Make-up Bag post, as you can probably tell by the title this post is all about my make-up bag and what's inside it (pretty self explanatory right?) Before I start the post let me just tell you how today I suffered from the dreaded writer's block (dramatic sound) in fact it was so bad that this post was supposed to be something entirely different but now well it isn't, so I hope you enjoy this post regardless. As well as telling you what's in my make-up bag I'm also going to do a mini-review of some of the products inside and link most of the products, so if you like something just click on the picture! (It's as simple as that!) BTW these products (mainly drugstore) are what I wear everyday so don't expect really high end products (ain't nobody got time for that!)

So I'll start my showing you all my make-up bag that I very recently purchased from Primark which BTW I am totally in love with!! If I'm really honest I haven't been a fan of make-up bags until I came across this one. I mean Minnie Mouse and make-up together Yes Please!! Priced at just £3 this is a bargain especially considering the quality, the waterproof material which is simple to wipe down and the size.

One of the most important things in my make-up bag is my BB Cream (I use the medium shade) which I would say has a light to medium coverage and is simply perfect for summer (it has an SPF of 15)! It doesn't give that caked on look (we all love Not!) but instead blends into the skin really well. This particular BB Cream is one by Olay who has collaborated with Max Factor to make a product that doesn't just cover up any blemishes but takes care of the skin too. I also like to apply this with a stippling brush to get rid of any streaks and even out the complexion further. Priced at just £9.99 this is definitely an essential in your make-up bag!

Two of my MOST (I can't stress how important these are) are my eyebrow pencils. I actually use two products on my brows. The first is MUA's eyebrow pencil in brunette which I only use to enhance the shape of my brows, my tracing around the top of my brows. Because this is a waxy textured pencil its glides on effortlessly, the only downside is that it rubs off really easily which is why I don't just specifically use this all over my brows. But priced at just £1 this is a must!

My second and more used brow pencil is Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in shade 004 Black/Brown. This is less waxy and is probably the most nearest shade to my natural brows, I use this to extend the length of my brows. It stays on all day (well all of my day) and again priced at £2.99 is a definite must.
Another essential (wow I gotta admit most of these products are essential I may need to buy me a life!) is my collection of eyeliners. I actually use 3 eyeliners on a daily basis (I know what you're thinking panda eyes alert!). The first is my most used the Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner in black which as the website says is Easy application in one fast stroke! Long lasting all-day colour (ok maybe they've exaggerated a bit you do need to do a bit more than one stroke) but it really does last all day and has the perfect tip to do any style eyeliner. Why I personally like this compared to other liquid liners is the applicator is sturdy and small, perfect to control!

The other 2 eyeliners that I use are mainly for tight lining and the water line. I use the Collection 2000 supersoft kohl pencil eyeliner in Black Magic to tight line my upper water line which will not budge and has the most intense colour. As far as I know is discontinued on line but you may still be able to find some in stores (lucky I stocked up!)

The eyeliner I use on my lower water line is the Rimmel Scandal'Eyes Waterproof Kohl liner in the shade nude. I actually only started to use this a few months ago to give a bright and wide eyed look which looks amazing particularly in Spring/Summer. However I've gotta say personally for me this isn't ideal, even though it claims to be waterproof it does budge off my water line and I find that I have to re apply (good job its nude otherwise I'd defo have panda eyes!)



The next product is my all time favourite blusher in the world! OMG this has to be the most natural looking shade ever and will look amazing on all skin tones. Apply one stroke of this with a blusher brush and your good to go that's how crazy super pigmented it is. MUA blusher in shade Lolly is a definite essential for all those looking for a very natural and more peachy toned blush for everyday summer use.


The next product is the Cosmopolitan maximum effect Eyelash curler which essentially curls your lashes. This is a must for me especially because I don't really like to apply mascara (clumpy lashes please stay away from me!). I can honestly tell the difference when I use and don't use this lash curler, again this is perfect for summer or a no make-up day!
 And finally (drumroll) are my lip balms, two of my absolute faves are the Vaseline Lip Therapy Limited Edition 2013 Paint The Town (which has a sheer red tint) and the Miss Sporty Doctor Balm in shade 01 (a very pearly pink). These are perfect to quickly apply everyday.

So guys I hope you enjoyed this post even though it was quite long and I hope you find some inspiration from this post especially as most of the products listed are perfect for summer use. Please do leave a comment because it lets me know what kinds of posts you enjoy and how many of you are liking my posts. Spread the word & bye bye until next time Jemples!!


  1. Wow a lot of affordable products I can also use everyday. Thanks a lot for the post and your honest reviews about them :)

    1. definitely products you can use everyday
      No worries x

  2. Love whats in your makeup at the moment definatley affordable products and snap we have the same blusher and that too in the same shade.

    1. definitely affordable! Yaaay snap :)

  3. Love the new look of the blog and the two makeup palette reviews are really useful I love the colours in the MUA palette and the pink and gold in the naked 3.

  4. Love the lip addict posts will definitely buy some of those lipsticks they look great. Thank you for your posts they are truly great to read :D

  5. Great post but im deffo more of a lipstick fan.

  6. Loving the sultry gold smokey eye look I tried it out and the steps are so easy to follow Love It!! Can't for all your other makeup tutorials ♥♥

  7. You definitely release your posts at the right time as im also in need of a new mascara.

  8. I want it ALL! And your going to give it to me!!!!! 😆


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